Welcome to the SAHWM or Stay at Home Wife and Mother Blog

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Welcome to SAHWM

Another blog? Well, yes!

After creating our family blog (GEORYL), a techie blog (Techie She), two everything goes blog (Chika Bits and Bloggista Info Corner) and two niche blogs Contest Fan (sold already) and Work at Home Wife and Mother, it seems that I still want something.

I hope I could go back to the days when I was still oblivious to how blogging can be a way of earning income because during those days, I was blogging as myself. Of course, the rest of my blogs still represent a bit of me but I miss expressing myself, my thoughts and whatever I wanted – vent out if needed – without thinking of how my page rank and search engine rankings will be affected.

With this new blog, I’m gonna blog like I used to be. I’ll find that lost passion for writing that paid blogging had jaded. I’m gonna talk about topics that I want to talk about, not allowing SEO marketing experts to stop me from being myself.

I hope that you’ll join me in this journey of rediscovering that lost joy in personal blogging. I’m not promising lots of informative articles though but I hope you’ll be entertained and gain new insights along the way.

Welcome to SAHWM: Stay at Home Wife and Mother – that’s me.



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    hi, she. nice one. my redlanegeraine blog is kind of the same for me, an ‘it’s all about me’ blog. anyway, time will come that i will pass maithreeboyz to the kids and i will have only redlanegeraine to my name. but that’s still a long way from now, hehe. congrats on your new blog. hope you can follow me too on GFC. thanks!

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    Congratulations on your new job! Yes, paid blogging can sometimes rob you off that pleasure of writing. Good to know that this blog serves as outlet for your feelings, thoughts, etc.

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